The Best Ab Workouts Include Indian Clubs

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Ohhhh… snap! Yes, you heard me correctly. The best ab workouts do not just include v-ups or bicycle maneuvers or mountain climbers or hanging windshield wipers or Janda sit-ups!

Don’t misunderstand me. These are all adequate drills to hit your showcase midsection. But I locate a flaw. There is an element I want you to think really good and hard about and that element is called Indian clubs.

If you paid any attention to my past blog posts, you would notice that I mentioned these tools before. And if you didn’t pay attention, that’s likely the reason why you got a D- in spelling class in 8th grade.

Well, I’m bringing Indian clubs back into the fray because you need to be enlightened my friend. Knowledge is power! These tools are exemplary in more ways than one. And when it comes to ab workouts, they shine like great big, bright stars in the nighttime sky. Now let’s get on with this before I lose your attention. 

A Good Ab Workout

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first analyze what a good ab workout looks like. What do YOU think a good ab workout looks like? I can tell you what it DOES NOT look like.

It does not look like a baby walrus, flopping around on the ground with a distressed look on his face while he tries to shuck open a clam. If you ever see someone look like this in the gym, cover your eyes, wince and walk away immediately. It means they’re using bad form. Don’t be like them!

Instead, be like the person who moves with grace and tact, and looks completely comfortable and confident. You will know this person because they will have a relaxed look on their face. It’s not often that you see someone using good form that looks scared and threatened.

Tension Technique

Another part of a good ab workout is tension. Doing a lot of reps of an ab exercise with bad form is not going to create much tension now, is it? Shake your head back and forth sideways because the answer is “no.” It will likely create lower back pain and rounded shoulders.

Plus, it can cause you to be “that” person in the gym that everyone peers out of the corner of their eye at, thinking to themselves, “Look at this guy! What YouTube channel did he learn that from?”

To bottom line this, it’s ALL about the tension. You want to create tension in your abs and sustain it for an extended period of time. THAT is how you build a prized midsection.

So when you’re doing your said exercises, move through them slowly and steadily without the assistance of momentum or other wrongdoings. That will get you the tension that you so desire and the definition will come by default.

And before we leave the topic of tension. Here is another thing to ponder that will expedite your ab workouts.

Start incorporating drills on your non ab-specific days that involuntarily target your abs.  This trick of the trade will get you results faster than you can bake a vegan cake! Did I mention I have the world’s largest sweet tooth?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Are you familiar with kettlebell Turkish get-ups? Arguably, they are my favorite exercises of all time. They’re definitely in the top 5 for sure.

When you do a “TGU” correctly, you experience a ton of ab tension. This transfers to additional work that you do not get on the days you do specific ab workouts.

You can also get this effect from other drills like dumbbell alternating T-presses, double kettlebell single-leg presses, double kettlebell renegade rows and extension press-ups.

You’re welcome. I just gave some six-pack secrets that you can start deploying as early as this evening.

Take all of this into consideration when you are trying to work your abs and you can do no wrong.

Enter the Indian Clubs

Have you ever seen Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee? This is one of my personal favorites of all time and he is one of my biggest inspirations of all time.

What does this have to do with Indian clubs? Nothing, really. But much like Bruce entered the dragon, Indian clubs should enter the gym that you are exercising in, and here’s why.

Let’s say you have created a masterpiece of an ab workout that targets all areas of your core and even involves 3-dimensinal movements, which I highly encourage. This gives you a really solid foundation, but you can change the game a bit more with the inclusion of Indian clubs.

Instead of standing around between exercises checking your daily matches on Tinderbox, pick up a pair of Indian clubs and do a series of outward or inward heart shapes. Or, do a blend of both. Then proceed to your next set or drill and repeat.

Continue to integrate club swinging in between each set and watch the dream come true. Do you understand English? This reminds me of a funny story.

My third grade science teacher used to say that all the time. He’d be like, “The amoeba is an organism that has the ability to change its original shape. Plus, it feeds off of bacteria, parasites and any other type of food particles it could find. Ya understand Engliiiish?” Yes, he would stress the “i” and carry it on way longer than it needed to go.

Sorry, I know that was super random. But if you ever spent any time with me in person, you know how random I can get sometimes. It’s just a glitch in my wiring. OK, back to our regularly scheduled program…

What I’m trying to get at is this. Often times, when you do ab exercises, your shoulders and arms are in a compressed position. Plus, you tend to do a lot of flexion of the spine.

This can eventually lead to poor posture, which ruins the day for you when you are trying to walk, run, swim, climb or even get up out of a chair.

By using clubs in between drills, you reset your shoulders, which I might add are important for holding your body up with drills done in a plank position. Additionally, you quickly flush lactic acid out of your arms, AND you improve your posture.

I just got done saying how bad form can lead to bad posture, and even good form can in some instances. By using clubs you wipe out all of these negative scenarios. And, to top it off, you need to keep your abs tight when you are doing club drills, so you actually get more work done.

There is another six-pack secret for you. Dang, I should be charging admission for this information. It’s gold!

Closing Time

Hopefully I just convinced you to start using Indian clubs in your ab workouts. And better yet, you should be using them every day in some capacity. But when it specifically comes to getting a chiseled midsection, don’t forget about the basics either.

You need to get rid of the flab that might be camping out across your rib cage, you need to eat clean, you need to swing Indian clubs, and I also recommend working out in a fasted state… BOOM!

If you are looking for further information on Indian club training, check out my new project called Indian Clubs International, featuring myself, Kelly Manzone and Paul Taras Wolkowinski. We have some workshops coming up and we have a wealth of information to get you headed in the right direction.

Lastly, if home ab workouts are your jam, make sure to get My Six-pack Challenge right now. And if you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, swirl Indian clubs in your living room too.

Just don’t break any lamps or overhead lights because your spouse or significant other will kill you! Not to mention, it’ll be 7 years of bad luck.

Until next time folks, this is K/Rail signing off. Don’t forget to hug at least three people a day and pick up at least one piece of trash!

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