My Six Pack Challenge

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  1. A unique, new workout every week!
  2. Improved core strength, definition, movement ability and weight loss.
  3. Improved brain function.
  4. The workouts increase in difficulty as your fitness improves.
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My Six Pack Challenge was developed to be one of the best core and lower ab workouts ever. In the weeks to come, expect your fitness levels to skyrocket. My Six Pack Challenge features 3-dimensional movement patterns, full body integration, and short, high-intensity bursts of effort. All these elements together give you a holistic workout that not only targets your abs and helps you sculpt a sexy six pack, but also restores your shoulder function, improves your posture, relieves back pain, and promotes total-body joint function. PLUS, unlike other core workouts, My Six-Pack Challenge boosts brain function through its liberal use of cross-body patterns.

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