Are You Ready To Get Into The Best Shape of Your Life?

When it comes to getting in shape, I’ve heard every excuse in the book. As a Fitness Trainer, I’ve found that when people are ready to make real improvements to their bodies, they reach a turning point.  I call this the A-Ha Moment. It’s the point where you’ve tried all the hottest fitness programs – and you’re sick and tired of the senseless high volume, heavy load exercises that leave you sore, worn out, fatigued, and even worse – injured! You’re finally ready for that extra boost of well-crafted exercises that will get you feeling strong and looking sexy again. And, you don’t want to spend half your life in the gym.

My Six Pack Challenge is your solution!Click here to try it for a week FREE!

  • My Six Pack Challenge was developed to be one of the best core and lower ab workouts ever. Kevin crafted this program from years of research and experience with hundreds of clients.
  • This is not your typical “three sets of 10 crunches”. In the weeks to come, expect your fitness levels to skyrocket. My Six Pack Challenge features 3-dimensional movement patterns, full body integration, and short, high-intensity bursts of effort.
  • All these elements together give you a holistic workout that not only targets your abs and helps you sculpt a sexy six pack, but also restores your shoulder function, improves your posture, relieves back pain, and promotes total-body joint function.
  • You’ll always have plenty of motivation with our community approach to fitness because we believe in UNITY. In fact, once you sign up for My Six Pack Challenge, you can become part of K/Rail’s Community and get the support you need to build more confidence, overcome any obstacles and reach your goals.
  • You’ll also receive a weekly email from Founder, Kevin, with tips and instructions for the current week’s workout, and always an inspiring message to keep you on track.
  • PLUS, unlike other core workouts, My Six Pack Challenge boosts brain function through its liberal use of cross-body patterns.


If you’re like most people, exercise takes a back burner to “life”. But with My Six Pack Challenge it doesn’t need to be that way.

  • Whether you’re:

    • traveling
    • short on time
    • limited on space
    • have children to care for
    • in need of nutritious recipes
    • have aches, pains or joint stiffness
    • short on funds and need a personal trainer
    • overweight or just looking to lose a few pounds
    • wanting to slow down the aging process and get in the best shape of your life…

    My Six Pack Challenge is the workout for you!

  • If you dream of increasing your confidence, abdominal core strength and appearance, functional mobility, achieving peak physical and mental performance, and looking GREAT, don’t wait another day – get started now and become a Challenger!

The My Six Pack Challenge CommUNITY has collectively and individually improved their lives through the program.

 Check out some of these Challenger results:
  • “After a few months of doing this program, everyone is shocked at my weight loss and muscle definition. I feel muscles I didn’t even know I had a day after this workout!” Doug, 47 – Lost 50 pounds
  • “Easy to do workouts not necessarily just for the gym. (Since some of us don’t have memberships) and I can totally do this traveling.” Mandy, 32
  • “It’s amazing how good I feel from head to toe after doing one of his workouts. I’ve actually never had this effect from any other program.” Matt, 32
  • “The workouts are tough, but fighting through them gets real results. My core and balance are much stronger, my stamina and focus are the strongest they’ve been.” Scott, 45


Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!